Spotlighting diverse and exceptional talent in tech

Druthers Search is an equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) search firm, specialising in the placement of leadership roles in the tech industry.

The Druthers story

Founded in 2016, Druthers Search has placed hundreds of exceptional candidates, taking a meticulous approach to headhunting talent and maintaining a 100% success rate in the process.

As experienced EDI Executive Search specialists, we fly the flag for the brilliance of difference – knowing that businesses perform better functionally, financially and culturally with a diverse workforce.

And our name? ‘Druthers’ (pronounced ‘druh–thers’) means “one’s preference in a matter” or “the freedom to choose”… We help people make better choices, to achieve a more inclusive future.

Getting the balance right

Diversity and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords; we care about the work we do and we care about getting it right – on both sides.

We know that the best results can only come from a balanced commitment to the needs of the client and the wellbeing of the candidate.

By placing talent that we know will stick, we’ve achieved a 100% success rate – and a reputation for having the most diverse network in the tech industry.

What it’s all about

Our ultimate goal is to get the right talent into the right seats, ensuring that no-one is overlooked during the hiring process.

There are brilliant minds waiting to break the mould, but if employers preserve traditional hiring processes, they’ll fail to evolve or create anything new.

This allows unconscious biases to remain in businesses and to continue limiting employment opportunities for underrepresented groups.

By offering a diverse shortlist of talent, we open up new opportunities for both employers and candidates alike; enriching their businesses with new perspectives that they may not have considered before.

Areas of expertise

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Chief Technology Officer
Chief Data Officer
VP of Engineering
VP Data
Director/Head of Engineering
Chief Product Officer
VP of Product Management
VP of Design
Head of Product
Head of Design
Chief People Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Diversity Officer
Chief of Staff
Head of People
Kirsty Trafford-Owen
Kirsty has 22 years’ experience of recruiting senior to board-level executives across a number of different industries, including technology, banking and FMCG.
Kiri O’Brien
Kiri has 15 years’ experience placing senior to board-level executives within the technology and digital sectors, both with scaling start-ups and large global businesses.