Written Friday 27th October 2023

Our longstanding partnerships

We take immense pride in our longstanding partnerships and the trust our clients invest in us. Our mission is to empower technology leaders to organically drive diversity throughout their business, by providing specialist knowledge, tailored support and access to hand-picked talent. 


“It was a real pleasure working with Kiri and Kirsty when conducting our search for a CTO. They clearly had a deep knowledge of the market and a diverse pipeline of candidates which was extremely important for us. We’re really pleased with the candidate we finally hired and wouldn’t hesitate in re-engaging Druthers for a similar search in the future.”  

Rajeeb Dey MBE, Founder & CEO Learnerbly  

We worked with Learnerbly on their search for a CTO, after their series-A funding round. We partnered with them to design the most inclusive interview process possible, in the search for a candidate who had faced similar challenges around growth and scaling, able to mature their engineering culture, processes and ways of working, who also had strong values alignment to the team and company culture.  

Monzo Bank 

“We’ve used Druthers to hire several engineering managers and backend engineers at Monzo. They go the extra mile to find candidates who are both great at what they do and whose values are well aligned with our own. Their straight-talking, no-nonsense approach helps us build rapport with our candidates straight from the start.” 

Jonas Huckestein, CTO at Monzo Bank 

We started working with Monzo back when they were seeking their first Engineering leaders, to help set up the engineering org for success pre-hypergrowth. We were the third search firm they engaged (the others were unsuccessful) and delivered a hugely diverse pool of candidates for multiple roles. We made multiple placements in short succession, providing the diversity of top-calibre candidates that until that point they were struggling to find. 


“Diverse hiring in tech is tough at any level but at senior leadership it’s even harder. Partnering with Druthers allowed us to guarantee the shortlist for Head Of Engineering and VP Engineering search was as broad in experience and expertise as it was broad in representation. I know I can trust Kiri and the team to be our best ambassadors in the market, and bring a pragmatic approach to what is always a complex and lengthy process. I look forward to the opportunity to work together again and would recommend Druthers to anyone”.

Tim Smith, Head of Talent, ClearScore 

As trusted search partners to ClearScore, we have introduced their VP of Engineering, as well as Heads of Engineering and Product. We are proud to work with them as a partner with an authentic commitment to EDI.


I’ve worked with Kiri and Kirsty at Druthers for years across three different roles as Head of Talent. I engaged them to work with my new companies for many reasons, first and foremost, their dedication and commitment to diverse shortlists – but on top of that they take a detailed brief, get to know the business inside out, are extremely detailed and thorough with their searches, and keep super close to the piece of work to and past the hire date. They always obtain amazing support and buy in from stakeholders. My work with them has resulted in some amazing hires, people who have made a wonderful impact and added breadth and diversity to our leadership teams. They are also very lovely and I genuinely enjoy working with them!   

Kaija Barnes, Head of Talent at Kaluza 

As one of our longest-standing clients, we have supported Kaluza (and their sister company OVO) in numerous product and engineering leadership searches over the years, from VP to Head of level, as well as niche technical leaders in the Platform and SRE space.


We’re very happy to have successfully partnered with Druthers in two executive searches, Kiri being our trusted consultant in both. Druthers always showed up with the highest sense of respect, customer centricity, and inclusivity, and they’ve helped Hotjar build a more diverse and inclusive leadership team.  

Carolina Veiga, Director of Talent Acquisition at Hotjar 

We are proud to have partnered with Hotjar on their global searches for a Director of Engineering and a Director of Product. With a high bar, an innovative and wholly inclusive approach to hiring, they are always an amazing partner. As a fully remote company, we were able to search across EMEA to offer the broadest and most diverse talent pool possible. Their commitment to EDI is demonstrated throughout the hiring process by everyone involved, and it is always a pleasure to work with them.


Kirsty did a brilliant job helping me to recruit for some design leadership roles at Intercom – in both IC and management positions.  

Kirsty worked really well with myself and our internal recruiting team, quickly gaining a good understanding of our company and roles that we were looking for. She used this understanding to source and introduce us to some interesting and diverse candidates. Communication throughout was great, and her screening notes in particular stood out – they really helped guide my first interview conversations, giving a good background and depth of experience on the candidates I was talking to.  Both of the people we hired are doing great and delivering impact – thanks again Kirsty! 

Marc Davies, Senior Director of Product Design, Intercom  

We started working with Intercom when they established a new Design team in London (having started their European presence in Dublin). They wanted us to help them find more diversity and over the span of the Design leadership searches we managed for them, we extensively mapped the UK and European market for them, to help with future pipelining in addition to the candidates roles we placed.