Written Wednesday 26th May 2021

Nurtured by nature: harnessing the benefits on our mental wellbeing at work

Watch our webinar with Headworks to learn about the neurobiological, psychological and physical benefits of nature and how to incorporate these at work.

To mark Mental Health Awareness week 2021 – and this year’s theme of “nature” – we partnered with Headworks, the UK’s leading provider of workplace preventive mental health training, to offer an insightful webinar about the benefits of nature on mental health and how to incorporate these into working practices. In case you missed it live, catch up on the recording here.

Key takeaways 

It has long been established that nature is beneficial to our mental health; in fact city dwellers are at a higher risk of most mental health problems.

Led by Headworks founder Amber, this webinar looks at how nature impacts our mental health, exploring neurobiological and psychological perspectives. We also explore how to harness these benefits into daily life and working practices, whether you’re planning on returning to the office or continuing to work from home, and offer you actionable strategies both for yourselves and your team.

  • Nature and mental health; a look at the science
  • How to incorporate the therapeutic benefits of nature in your daily life and the principles of ‘ecotherapy’
  • Introducing the benefits of nature into working practices and environments

Meet our webinar host, Amber

Amber is a Registered Mental Health Nurse with 15 years’ experience in the mental health sector. She has worked at a senior level across a range of settings, in both the NHS and private sector. Amber’s experience spans inpatient and community nursing, practice education, management, policy and strategy design, and workforce development. In addition to her nursing qualification, Amber has a PGCert in Clinical Neuroscience and an MSc in Psychiatric Research. She also holds a specialist training and assessment qualification.