Written Friday 29th October 2021

Interviewing remotely and technical testing with Jaime Thompson

We had the pleasure of catching up with Jaime Thompson, Head of Engineering at Kaluza, who we placed in July 2021. Here’s what Jaime said about going through an interview process during the pandemic.

Why did you apply for the role? What piqued your interest about the approach and job description?

“I applied for the role because of the company’s mission. When Kirsty at Druthers explained the job and company to me, I thought it would be more personally fulfilling and something that I was really passionate about as an individual. The opportunity to merge what I was passionate about outside of work with work itself was really appealing.”

How did this interview process feel in comparison to past interview processes?  

“I actually felt very little difference between interviewing in person and remotely. If anything, it was more relaxed being virtual which was great for me as the candidate. This particular interview process was very informative, I was kept in the loop at every stage and it was very efficient. It felt like this interview was a priority for the company and the hiring lead.”

Was there transparency? Did you feel well informed and comfortable going into each stage?

“There were three formal interviews with multiple people on each and I was kept informed via emails and pre-agreed phone calls at every stage. Kirsty would check in before and after the interviews, and as soon as she’d heard any feedback – which was typically within 24 hours of the interview – she would let me know. The most impressive thing for me as a candidate was the speed of feedback.”

What are your thoughts on technical tests?

“I didn’t have a formal technical test in this interview process, I had a non-standard version of a test with the hiring manager. I’ve found that the technical test varies according to what the company is looking for. When I think about technical tests in general, I completely appreciate why there are different views. I’ve used many online tests and in-person options and I don’t think any of them are the silver bullet for understanding someone’s ability. It’s more about the conversation and having the candidate explain their technical stories – how well they can explain that is a better indication of their technical skill and aptitude I think. It’s really difficult within the space of an hour or two to understand someone’s technical competence.”