Written Monday 18th April 2016

Brexit And EU workers

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We start our journey with Druthers Search in 2016, the year when a referendum will decide whether or not we stay in the EU.  With 25 years’ of recruitment experience, Kiri and I can’t even begin to count the number of people we have placed with EU passports as opposed to UK ones.  It must be nearing a thousand people.  A thousand candidates placed into a thousand jobs, adding to the vibrancy, diversity and talent of many, many organisations.

As a company dedicated and passionate about diversity in the workforce, we can’t help but hope that our ability to promote diversity isn’t hampered by a move out of the EU.

It has been said that even if we leave we should still have free movement across the EU for all workers and hopefully that will be the case. If not, London and the UK will become a shadow of its former self.


Kirsty Trafford-Owen and Kiri O’Brien