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Normalising pronouns in the office: what you need to know.

By Kirsty Trafford-Owen on Tuesday 19th July

Using the right pronouns when addressing or introducing colleagues is a crucial part of ensuring that everyone feels included and welcome within your working environment. Just as someone’s name is a huge element of their identity, so too are their pronouns. 

How is gender instilled in kids from a young age?

By Kiri O'Brien on Tuesday 14th June

From the moment the balloons are released at a gender reveal party, children are subjected to gender stereotypes – regardless of whether it’s intentional. It all starts even before they are born.

Global Day of Parents – navigating a whole new world for the working parent

By Kirsty Trafford-Owen on Wednesday 1st June

This year marks the 10th Global Day of Parents; a celebration of parental units in all their shapes and sizes, introduced by the U.N. General Assembly in 2012 and marked annually on 1st June.

Making your business multigenerational: age bias and Generation Z

By Kiri O'Brien on Thursday 12th May

When you think of age bias, you might be forgiven for focusing on the discrimination of older generations in the workplace. It’s certainly a huge issue, but there’s evidence that the youngest members of your team might be subjected to equal –  if not, greater –  amounts of prejudice because of their age. The Equalities […]

Impostor syndrome: what it is, and how to overcome it

By Kirsty Trafford-Owen on Wednesday 27th April

We hear a lot about impostor syndrome. Have a quick scroll through your social media feeds and you’re bound to find at least one post from someone who can’t quite believe that they deserve their success. In fact, apparently, as of 2021, 77% of the UK suffers from impostor syndrome. The term impostor syndrome is […]

Hair discrimination – how to embrace individuality

By Kiri O'Brien on Tuesday 12th April

Wearing Black hair naturally, or in Black styles, is both celebratory and political. Since many styles have tribal or historical origins, it can be a nod to heritage or family history, and can also be linked to religious belief. Throughout history, Black people have faced discrimination due to their hair, and have long experienced pressure […]

Entertainment and Inclusion in 2022

By Kirsty Trafford-Owen on Monday 28th March

Diversity in the entertainment industry has been a talking point for years, but how much progress has been made? As the annual awards show season celebrates the last year in film, we take a look at how identity plays a role in Hollywood success. The following videos showcase the stories and struggles of individuals from […]

Resources for supporting the people of Ukraine

By Kiri O'Brien on Tuesday 8th March

On this year’s International Women’s Day, Tuesday 8th March 2022, we wanted to use this blog to highlight a list of resources and ways of supporting Ukraine that we have seen being shared by women in the tech and founder community. If you know of any other causes to include, please get in touch so […]

A firsthand experience of Autism in the workplace with Lottie Maddison

By Kirsty Trafford-Owen on Thursday 24th February

Over 700,000 people in the UK are on the Autism spectrum, but only 1 in 6 Autistic people in the UK have a full-time job. It’s wildly under-discussed that – without reasonable adjustments being made – the workplace can be a daunting experience for Autistic people who often have difficulties with communication and social interactions.  […]

Diversity & Inclusion Workplace Statistics in 2022

By Kiri O'Brien on Thursday 17th February

As of 2022, stats show that there have been significant strides when it comes to improving diversity and inclusion in the workplace. However, there is still so much further to go. Below you will find statistics from Gender, Ethnicity, LGBTQ+, Neurodiversity and Social Class on how they are treated in companies and organisations across the […]

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