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Working From Home(schooling): A Guide For Parents

By Kirsty Trafford-Owen on Tuesday 12th May

For parents, the challenges of turning the home into a functional office and classroom can quickly prove overwhelming, let alone learning the necessary skills to teach while also adapting to the unique demands of remote working and life under lockdown. Here are the things that parents can do to make the next few months more manageable.

Nailing The Remote Interview In The Time Of Coronavirus

By Kiri O'Brien on Monday 4th May

Video call interviews can be stressful at the best of times, let alone in the midst of a global pandemic! Here are some tips to ensure that you are presenting the very best version of yourself.

How To Protect Your Mental Health During COVID-19

By Kiri O'Brien on Monday 20th April

In a climate of social distancing and working from home, mental health in the workplace has taken on a whole new meaning. We spoke to Amber O'Brien, Founder of Headworks and a registered mental health nurse with 15 years' experience in the mental health sector, to get some evidenced and practical advice on how employers and employees can protect their mental health, during COVID-19 and beyond.

Will Gen Z Smash The Glass Ceiling In The Workplace?

By Kirsty Trafford-Owen on Tuesday 7th April

There may be splinters and cracks in the metaphorical glass ceiling over every woman and minority group, but it’s still there.

International Women’s Day: Celebrating 6 Inspirational Women in STEM

By Kirsty Trafford-Owen on Saturday 7th March

Women’s roles in the workplace have significantly progressed over the past 100 years, but STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) industries remain heavily male-dominated.

Gender Reassignment: How To Support In The Workplace

By Kiri O'Brien on Tuesday 3rd March

What is gender reassignment? Unlike biological sex, our gender is not determined. Some people suffer from a condition known as gender dysphoria; the feeling that their biological sex doesn’t match their gender identity.  Gender reassignment makes the physical appearance of trans people more consistent with their gender identity.   Exact figures are unknown, but Gov UK […]

5 Diversity & Inclusion Milestones Over The Past Decade

By Kirsty Trafford-Owen on Tuesday 3rd March

Over the past 4 years, we’ve said a lot about the importance of diverse and inclusive workplaces. And with a new decade ahead of us, we’re feeling reflective on the positive progress made so far - and how we can build upon it. Here are 5 milestones for diversity and inclusion in the workplace over the past decade.

Why Migrant Workers Are Good For Business 

By Kiri O'Brien on Thursday 6th February

When you hear the words ‘migrant worker’, what comes to mind? Many people still associate this phrase with negative rhetoric of ‘foreigners taking our jobs’ and stereotypes of lowly-paid migrants working unforgiving hours. But the reality is very different.  From cleaners to creatives, administrators to aeronautical engineers, 2.3 million EU-born workers are currently employed in […]

Helping Refugees Find Work In The UK: An Interview With Chris Whitehead

By Kiri O'Brien on Monday 23rd December

We interviewed Chris Whitehead of Seek UK, who are a not-for-profit organisation, helping refugees to find work in the UK.  Hi Chris! To start off, how was Seek UK founded, and what made you set up the company? Completely by chance really. The idea started back in April 2017 when one weekend I bumped into […]

Why It’s Time To Talk (More) About The Gender Pay Gap

By Kirsty Trafford-Owen on Tuesday 8th October

Remember back in 2018, when companies with more than 250 employees published their gender pay gap figures for the first time? Their results confirmed what we already suspected: the gender pay gap is very much real.

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