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Helping refugees find work in the UK: An Interview With Chris Whitehead

By Kiri O'Brien on Monday 23rd December

We interviewed Chris Whitehead of Seek UK, who are a not-for-profit organisation, helping refugees to find work in the UK.  Hi Chris! To start off, how was Seek UK founded, and what made you set up the company? Completely by chance really. The idea started back in April 2017 when one weekend I bumped into […]

Why It’s Time To Talk (More) About The Gender Pay Gap

By Kiri O'Brien on Tuesday 8th October

Remember back in 2018, when companies with more than 250 employees published their gender pay gap figures for the first time? Their results confirmed what we already suspected: the gender pay gap is very much real.

Supporting Diverse Entrepreneurs: An Interview With Izzy Obeng

By Kiri O'Brien on Thursday 19th September

We spoke to our good friend and Founding Director of Foundervine, Izzy Obeng, about their work helping diverse, underserved entrepreneurs build start-ups from scratch. 

6 Ways To Support Parents In The Workplace

By Kiri O'Brien on Friday 30th August

A recent study discovered that 43 percent of women and nearly a quarter (23 percent) of men will leave their full-time STEM job after having their first child.  Supporting parents in the workplace isn’t just a fluffy, nice-to-have concept. It’s a key component of your staff retention strategy. 

You Can Help To Level The Playing Field For Women In Sport – Here’s How

By Kiri O'Brien on Wednesday 21st August

It’s been a good time for women in sport. We celebrated the England Lionesses as they scored their way to the World Cup semi-finals; looked on in awe as 15 year old Coco Gauff beat her idol Venus Williams at Wimbledon; and cheered on the England netball team as they once again made it to the semi-finals of this year’s World Cup.  Yet there’s one goal that women in sport are yet to score: gender equality.

The Chief Diversity Officer in 2019 Whitepaper

By Kiri O'Brien on Tuesday 20th August

Earlier this year, we were delighted to co-host the launch of “The Chief Diversity Officer in 2019” whitepaper with Colorintech. Based on in-depth interviews with more than 30 diversity and inclusion professionals, CEOs and technology leaders across the UK and the USA, the report explores the evolution of diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. 

7 Ways To Support Invisible Illness In The Workplace

By Kiri O'Brien on Monday 12th August

There’s a big difference in how mental and physical health is treated in the workplace. Here’s how to make sure it doesn’t happen in your office.

9 Ways To Observe Religious Holidays In The Workplace

By Kiri O'Brien on Friday 12th July

The beginning of June marked the end of Ramadan, a month of fasting, prayer and reflection for the Muslim community. We posted a thread on Twitter about how to support your Muslim colleagues during Ramadan, through means such as celebrating staff birthdays with something other than food and scheduling meetings to accomodate additional prayer time - and it got us to thinking.

Is Your Workplace Language Gender Inclusive?

By Kiri O'Brien on Tuesday 11th June

How we’re addressed is a deeply personal issue that plays a key role in our identities. But everyday, we speak in a way that could easily offend those who don’t identify as male or female.

Is Your Marital Status Damaging Your Employability?

By Kiri O'Brien on Saturday 1st June

Marital discrimination in the workplace is, of course, illegal. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. As with many types of discrimination, proving you’ve been treated unfairly based on your marital status can be difficult or, in some cases, impossible. However, that shouldn’t mean it’s ignored.  Sharing anecdotal evidence and highlighting the implications of marital discrimination is crucial to prompting a shift in employers’ mindsets.

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